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Leaving the frantic rush of Western civilisation behind, we travel at our natural pace, on camelback or on foot. Following ancient Bedu trails through an austere, yet magnificent landscape, we enter a different world.
Throughout our journey we are accompanied by the Bedu, the “desert people”. The Bedu have been living in the endless, apparently inhospitable wastes of the Sinai desert for more than 2000 years; and they make us feel at home sitting around the campfire and sleeping under the starlit sky. They take care of our food and provide camels for the transport of equipment, water and luggage. In travelling with the Bedu and enjoying their hospitality we are fully immersed in their outdoor lifestyle and catch a glimpse of their traditional culture at first-hand.
The silence and solitude of the desert widen our consciousness; we become aware of ourselves and our environment with a rare intensity. We discover an inner stillness, a restfulness that affects each of us differently, but that will never fail to become an unforgettable and deeply rewarding experience.

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